The first horizontal machining center that Victor Taichung made was the model of Vc-H460 sold in 1988. A few years after the Vc-H500 was introduced, Victor Taichung combined the 460 model and 500 models (20") into a single model, Vc-H500. The Vc-H500 models are with heavy duty linear guides and rotary pallets changer. Vc-H500HS model comes with standard 30 HP DDS spindle, 12000 rpm. The same situation combined the 800 model with 1000 model (40") into the Vc-H1000 model around 1995.

HS (High Speed): we offered High Speed models for both H500 and H630 series. These are linear guides with higher rapid feed rate and high spindle speed (10000 and 15000 rpm). HD (Heavy duty) all box way machines including the VC-H630 and VC-H1000 models. All the models can be integrated with multi-pallet system including the RGV and up to 30 pallets.

Pallet size 15" 20" 25" 40"
3-axis Linear Guided guideways Vcenter H400 Vcenter H500
3-axis box slideways Vcenter-H630HD Vcenter-H1000

Specification:   Vcenter-H Series