Royal/ Cyclematic High Speed/ High Accuracy Toolroom Lathes

CTL-618e / CTL-618EVS / CTS-27EVS / CTL-27EVS / CHR-68EVS / CP-27EVS

Spindle capacity with chuck6"6"6"6"5"
Spindle capacity with expanding collets3"3"
Spindle capacity with round 5C collets1-1/16"1-1/16"
Spindle capacity with hexagon 5C collets7/8"7/8"
Spindle capacity with square 5C collets3/4"3/4"
Spindle capacity with step chucks1-1/16"~6"1-1/16"~6"
Spindle nose diameterØ 2-3/16"Ø 2-3/16"
Spindle nose I.D./ O.D.5C (10˚) / 4˚ Taper5C (10˚) / 4˚ Taper
Spindle speeds (Variable)0~4000 R.P.M.0~4000 R.P.M.
Inverter spindle motor3HP3HP
Hole through spindle1-1/4"1-1/4"
Bar stock diameter (5C collet)Ø 1-1/16"Ø 1-1/16"
Distance between centers18"18"
Swing over bed11"11"
Swing over cross slide6"6"
Carriage power feed range3/16"~4"3/16"~4"
Cross slide power feed range5/16"~7"5/16"~7"
Cross slide travel6"6"
Quick-action compound slide travel0.1"0.1"
Compound slide travel3"3"
Coolant pump1/8HP, 220V, 3PH1/8HP, 220V, 3PH
Feed motorInverter 1/2HP220V, 70W
Tailstock spindle travel3-3/4"3-3/4"
Range of threads0.2~6.35mm (120~4 TPI)0.275~2.7mm (108~11 TPI)
Number of thread changes-36
Approximate net/gross weigth2,240 / 2,640 lbs.2,300 / 2,530 lbs.
Machine dimensions (L x W x H)73" x 30" x 67"73" x 30" x 67"