The most critical factor in wheel turning is the chucking process, so Victor has put a lot of emphasis on providing specialized wheel chucks as standard on wheel turning lathes. Working in collaboration with local chuck & fixture maker HOMTECH for more than 10 years, we have developed an optimized solution for wheel chucking offering simple yet accurate loading and strong clamp force with zero wheel deformation.

Simple, effective chucking

manufacturing line in as-cast state, both the rear and front faces (as seen on the car) must be turned to produce a smooth, consistent surface that can be easily polished or painted. From many years experience we found that the 3 finger is most effective for both turning operations as shown opposite.

0P.1-rear face turning
0P.1-rear face turning
0P.2-front face turning
0P.2-front face turning
Loading and clamping method

A spring loaded mandrel which mate with the wheel hub, is used to locate the wheel center and 3 hardened ground blocks ensure the wheel is flat against the chuck. This simplifies loading yet ensures accurate location. A Japanese-made hydraulic chuck cylinder, with proven reliability, is used to pivot the chuck fingers in and down onto the wheel rim in a single motion. This solidly clamps the wheel without any distortion or surface damage.

Flexible design for maximum clamping range!

A single chuck is made to suit a range of wheel sizes to minimize investment costs and reduce set-up times. By interchanging the chuck fingers and arms at least 6 wheel sizes can be machined on one chuck - see specification table for details. A removable metal ring or disc at the front of the mandrel must be made to match wheel design.

Furthermore Homtech chucks offer a lot of flexibility with a single chuck capable of clamping the wheel for both rear & front turning operations. This has done by changing both the mandrel, for locating the hub and the front plate on the chuck.

Fully hydraulic 3 finger wheel chucks for Vturn-V20W/V24W for OP.1 or OP. 2

Finger chucks on Turn-36W* for OP.1 or OP2

For both size machines the 3 finger chuck is set-up for a single operation specified on ordering as standard. Suitable arms and fingers are offered as standard to allow complete range of wheel sizes. Range of sizes as follows:

  • HC-1218 chuck has a clamping range of 12" to 18" wheels.
  • HC-1520 chcuk has a clamping range of 15" to 20" wheels.
  1. For smaller wheels chucking is possible but only on request and subject to wheel design.
  2. One size of spring loaded mandrel is offered as standard for OP.1 chuck.
  3. One size of mandrel with a complete set of spacers is offered as standard for OP.2 chuck.
  4. Changeover kit including mandrel and front plate to suit additional operation can be optionally ordered to allow both turning operations on the same chuck.

Finger chucks on Vturn-36W for OP.3 (diamond cutting)

Diamond cutting on the front face turning is also popular for OP.2 for better finish on the wheel surface.("OP.3" is only called by Victor Taichung for such a diamond cutting to avoid ambiguity). Besides the primary clamping on the outer rims using fingers, there exist a secondary clamping using the collet in the hub so the clamping quality is enhanced for better surface finish by diamond tools.

Such type of finger chuck is not recommended to be used comparably with OP.1 chuck because the changeover is difficult and labarous.

Pie-jaws clamping on Vturn-36W for OP.3 (diamond cutting)

Another popular "Pie-jaws" clamping is also popular for OP.3 because of lower cost and higher flexibility for bigger clamping range.

  • Pie jaws are fitted to optional 3 jaw 15" hydraulic chuck which can handle up to 20" wheels (depends on machine capacity).
  • Cheaper but less accurate than 3-finger chuck as the wheel bore is not supported.

HC-P1215 jaws with clamping range 12"~15" wheels
HC-P1618 jaws with clamping range 16"~18" wheels
HC-P1920 jaws with clamping range 19"&20" wheels

0P.1-front face turning

For Op.1 the hub locator at end of mandrel needs to be changed for different size only.

0P.1-front face turning
For Op.2 the height of mandrel must also be changed and the locator ring for different sizes.

OP.3 Pie jaw clamping
For OP.3 Pie jaw clamping offers good finish on wheel surface (Diamond turning)

Vturn-V24W with HC-V1724 chuck has a clamping range from 17" to 24" wheels.