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  • 9" x 42" table (Option: 9"x49" Table)
  • 3HP spindle motor, variable speed
  • R8 spindle material SAE4115 ( SCM415 ) full piece hardened and ground
  • Turcite-B on XY ways, slideways and XY gibs
  • Hardened and ground on XY slideways & table
  • Electroless nickel-phosphorus process on XY lead screws
  • Grinding on table T-slot
  • Highly improved on vari-speed head, quiet and smooth running
  • 1-1/4" ( 32mm ) diameter lifting screw
  • Leveling screw & plate on base
  • Strict scraping requirement with super precision accuracy  
Table size: 9"×49"
T-Slot No.x Size: 3×0.629"
Longitudinal travel (W/O power feed ): 36"
(With power feed ): 33.7"
Cross travel:12"
Travel of knee:16"
Ram travel:14"
Quill travel:5"
Table to spindle nose (D): 1-3/8"~17-3/8"
Over swivel on turret:360°
Head Swivel ( R & L ): ±45°
Head tilt ( UP & DOWN ):45°
Spindle to column (F): 6"~21.4"
Spindle motor:3HP
Spindle taper: R8 (or NST#30)
Quill feed:0.0015"-0.003"-0.006"
Spindle Speed (r.p.m.): 50Hz Low:50~420 Hi:420~3900
60Hz Low:60~500 Hi:500~4500
Overall height (A):84"
Overall depth (B): 63~5/8"
Overall width (C):65.7
Net Weight:2200 lbs

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