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Column Traveling Type

510AH/AHD / 615AHD / 620AHD / 715AHD / 820/825/830AHD / 920/930AHD

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The table moves longitudinally only. This ensures full contact and support on the machine bed, even in the table limit position.

The column moves transversely only. This guarantees uniform contact between the column slide and the machine bed in any column position.

The spindle housing moves vertically only. This provides a constant distance between the vertical slide ways and the grinding wheel.

The flanged cartridge spindle is support by class 7 (CP4) matched angular contact ball bearings, which are preloaded and fit into the spindle cartridge. This will guarantee a maximum 2 micron run out.

The automatic lubrication system ensures all the critical components are lubricated with right amount of oil at all times.

The external and independent hydraulic unit eliminates the transfer of heat and vibrationn to the machine.

The control operates with preset increment and spark-out times grinding cycle for Plunge-cut and Surface grinding both with sequences of fine feed ~ spark-out ~ retraction. Spindle motor stop, coolant pump stop and table parking can be chosen in any combination.

Sizes available from ( 500~900 )mm by ( 1000~3000 )mm.

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